2mm Gold Tungsten Ring

Classic gold toned tungsten
ring. Simple sophistication
on your finger.


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8mm Silver Tungsten Ring

This black brushed metal effect is one of our best sellers. Black is Back.


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6mm Silver Tungsten Ring

Some rings come from the stars. This rose gold colour band is truly heaven sent.


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4mm Rose Gold Tungsten Ring

Rose gold elegance and
uncomplicated chic.
One of our best sellers.


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Tungsten Rings 

Elevate Your Style with my range of Exquisite Inlaid Tungsten Rings for Men and Women

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Black Tungsten Rings

Elegance Meets Strength with Black Tungsten Rings

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This Valentine’s Day Give Your Love A Hug She Can Wear.

Available in gold and silver toned copper.


Tungsten Rings

Discover the undeniable allure of tungsten rings, now celebrated as a contemporary emblem of strength and style in the realm of jewellery. Revered for their unparalleled durability and captivating lustre, tungsten rings have emerged as the preferred choice for both men and women who desire a distinctive and enduring accessory.

The extraordinary resilience of tungsten rings is rooted in the inherent properties of this remarkable metal. Recognised for its high scratch resistance, tungsten becomes the perfect selection for individuals leading active lifestyles or engaged in hands-on professions. This inherent strength ensures that tungsten rings maintain their polished shine over the years, demanding minimal maintenance.

Beyond their robustness, tungsten rings emanate a modern elegance that seamlessly complements diverse fashion preferences. Whether it’s classic designs or intricate patterns, tungsten rings offer an extensive array of choices to cater to individual tastes. Their sleek appearance and timeless charm render them a versatile accessory suitable for casual wear, formal occasions, and even as engagement or wedding bands.

In the realm of jewellery, tungsten rings distinguish themselves as a fusion of strength, style, and sophistication. Their enduring nature and captivating aesthetics position them as a true representation of lasting love and commitment, making them an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a distinctive and enduring symbol of their bond. Elevate your style with tungsten rings—a symbol that transcends trends and stands as a testament to enduring love.

Why Choose a Tungsten Carbide Ring?

For its affordability, strength, scratch resistance and multiple colour variations.

  • Tungsten jewellery is very affordable and unlike gold or platinum, tungsten has a distinct weight which adds to the feeling of quality when worn.

  • Tungsten is rated at 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness. To put that into perspective, diamond which is the hardest substance on earth is rated at 10.

  • Tungsten is also the most scratch resistant metal known to man. It doesn’t bend like gold or other soft precious metals and it keeps its finish forever.

  • Tungsten is a hypoallergenic metal meaning that people with allergies to gold can wear tungsten jewellery. Tungsten will also not turn your finger green..

Unisex 4mm Tungsten Ring Inlaid With opal Flecks

This is a 4mm polished black pipe cut ring with a centre inlay of multi coloured Imitation Opal flecks

This truly is a stunning ring crafted by our ring designers making it perfect for a wedding, engagement, friendship or smart casual wear

Personalise this ring with an engraved message with up to 20 characters – include icons like a heart..

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Men’s 8mm Abalone Shell Black Diamond Edged Tungsten Ring

A bold, muscular formed abalone shell tungsten ring with striking diamond shaped edges. Makes for a unique engagement or wedding ring choice.


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Men’s 8mm Abalone Shell Triple Grooved Tungsten Ring

This abalone shell triple grooved ring is uncomplicated yet refined. An ideal accessory that will perfectly compliment your style.


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Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Carbide rings are the perfect choice for weddings, engagements, relationship promises and bonds of friendship.

Tungsten carbide is increasingly becoming the most popular metal choice for wedding bands throughout Europe, America, Canada and Australia today because of its low cost, lasting strength and permanent finish. There are so many design and colour options too, making tungsten rings the perfect gift for all types of relationship promises and friendship bonds.

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Custom Tungsten Rings Engraving Service

Make your chosen ring even more special with a personal message of up to 20 characters engraved on its inner or outer surface.

£30.00 Per Ring

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Silver Square Tungsten Necklace Pendant Column for Men & Women from Custom Tungsten Rings

The Tungsten Column

Silver coloured square tungsten carbide column pendant for men and women with a 60cm length stainless steel necklace.


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Silver Square Tungsten Necklace Pendant Column for Men & Women from Custom Tungsten Rings Worn

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Unravelling the Timeless Charm: Celtic Knot Laser Engraved Tungsten Rings

The Artistry of Laser Engraved Tungsten Rings

When it comes to timeless elegance and intricate craftsmanship, few jewellery pieces can match the allure of Celtic knot designs. Combined with the durability of tungsten, these rings become not just accessories but symbols of eternal love and connection. In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Celtic knot designs, exploring their rich history and origins, and highlighting the unique charm of laser-engraved tungsten rings in black, gold, and silver.

The Enigmatic History of Celtic Knots: A Tapestry of Meaning

Celtic knots, also known as Icovellavna, are renowned for their endless loops and intricate patterns. Originating from the rich tapestry of Celtic heritage, these mesmerizing designs have captivated hearts for centuries. Dating back to as early as the 5th century AD, Celtic knots were prevalent in various art forms, from illuminated manuscripts to stone carvings. Their endless loops and absence of a visible beginning or end symbolize the eternal cycle of life, love, and spirituality.

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Tungsten 8mm Silver Polished Ring With Celtic Gold on Black Dragon Inlay & Bevelled Edges
Couple Tungsten Matching 4 & 6mm Black Polished Ring Inlaid With Black Sand and Imitation Opal | Wedding, Engagement, Promise Ring

Tungsten Wedding Rings

Timeless Elegance and Durability of Tungsten Wedding Rings

Tungsten wedding rings have become an increasingly popular choice for couples seeking a symbol of enduring love and commitment. Renowned for their exceptional durability, timeless elegance, and modern aesthetic, tungsten rings have transcended traditional jewelry norms. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the unique characteristics, benefits, and diverse styles that make tungsten wedding rings a captivating choice for those embarking on the journey of marital bliss.

The Unrivaled Durability of Tungsten:

At the heart of the appeal of tungsten wedding rings lies their remarkable durability. Tungsten, a heavy and dense metal, boasts exceptional scratch resistance, making it an ideal choice for those leading active lifestyles or working in hands-on professions. This inherent strength ensures that tungsten rings stand the test of time, retaining their polished shine even in the face of daily wear and tear. Unlike traditional metals, tungsten wedding rings do not easily tarnish, corrode, or lose their lustre, providing couples with a lasting symbol of their love.

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