Tungsten Rings – indestructible?

What some people find alarming is that Tungsten rings are not totally indestructible. Tungsten rings can break! Yes “Tungsten rings can break”…If a Tungsten ring is dropped onto a hard surface, it could break or even crack.

Hardest Metal known

Although it’s a fact that Tungsten rings are made from the most scratch resistant metal on earth and that Tungsten carbide bands are made from the hardest metal known to man, although Tungsten Carbide is 10 x stronger than Gold it is also true that Tungsten rings can break under shock or pressure. This said Tungsten rings are still and will remain far stronger and tougher than traditional metals used to make rings.

The Facts

No reputable Tungsten jeweller would promise that Tungsten rings or bands are indestructible, the facts are that the harder a material is, the more brittle it becomes. An example is, diamonds are the hardest material on earth, harder than Tungsten carbide. The only substance on Earth that can scratch a diamond is indeed another diamond. But, if you take a hammer and hit a diamond with it, it would likely chip or even crack, It’s not indestructible and neither is a Tungsten ring.

Tungsten Wedding and Engagement Rings

Gold Rings vs Tungsten Rings

Gold is referred to as a “soft metal”, whilst gold can easily get scratched, it’s likely to just bend if struck with force, rather than shatter like tungsten does. Gold is known as a more traditional choice of metal for rings and a lot more expensive, but it does not compare even closely to the strength and scratch resistance of Tungsten. As Tungsten is 10 x stronger than Gold, it makes it a better choice than Gold for wearing in the workplace.

Will a Tungsten ring Tarnish?

Due to their inert chemical composition Tungsten rings do not change colour. This means that daily use and exposure to the sun, salt water, washing up, working on a car engine, no matter how extreme it will never tarnish.

An additional benefit is also tungsten is a very low hypoallergenic so therefore unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Emergency Removal

A common myth for Tungsten Carbide rings is that they can’t be removed in an emergency. Tungsten Rings rings can certainly be removed in emergency cases, though the methodology for removal will vary Tungsten Carbide rings will have to be cracked using vice grip pliers.

Can my Tungsten ring be re-sized?

Resizing is a concern for all due to possible weight loss or gain in the future. Due to the strength of Tungsten having extraordinary melting point and as such it cannot be cut or welded therefore making it virtually impossible to re-size.

If you have ordered a Tungsten ring from me and by chance you have ordered the wrong size, I will happily replace the ring with the correct size you supply me. All I ask is that you pay the shipping cost.

I will not replace the ring if it has been altered or damaged in any way or if the ring has been personalised with an engraving message. The default question to ask yourself is “Can I  resell this ring again at normal price”. If the answer is no, then I will unlikely exchange the ring.