Traditional methods of engraving Tungsten Rings entails “chiselling” or “etching” into the material of the ring to add the requested text directly into the metal. And while this is easily done on softer, traditional metals like gold, silver and platinum, tungsten is over ten times the hardness of 18k gold! As a result, many prospective women’s and men’s tungsten wedding bands shoppers have been unclear as to whether or not tungsten carbide can be engraved.

Personalise your Tungsten Ring

Adding a personal message to the interior of a ring is a popular choice for a few years now. Couples are adding names or personal messages to make their rings unique and show the signs of affection. However, the big question is as Tungsten rings are so hard, ‘Can a Tungsten ring be engraved’?

Well the answer is absolutely yes.

With a myriad of tungsten ring colours and designs to choose from they can all be engraved, and we offer a basic 3 font styles for you to choose from, although if you have a font style that you would prefer then we will look and consider if it is possible for you.

Our 3 most common font styles are:

• Segoe Script
• Times New Roman
• Lucida Sans

Traditional Engraving Methods

The usual method for engraving rings made from Gold and Silver etc. is to etch or chisel the design into the metal, however, Tungsten is ten times harder than 18 carat gold so traditional methods simply will not work.
The only way to engrave a Tungsten ring is to use a laser. This method does have its advantages over traditional methods as it gives a smoother finish to the touch and is less likely to attract dirt or grime.

Tungsten rings can be engraved with letters and symbols on both the interior and the outside of the rings so personalising a Tungsten ring is something all buyers should consider.

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