Mens 8mm Gold Bevel Edged Tungsten Ring Engagement Wedding Ring


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This gold bevel edged tungsten ring is available in 19 sizes

Tungsten Rings have become very popular of late for these reasons:

  • They will not scratch
  • They will not tarnish
  • They never corrode


Tungsten Durability & Strength

Many men and women who are looking to purchase a wedding band or an engagement ring appreciate the durability and strength of tungsten. The metal is so hard that scratching or bending it is near impossible, unlike other precious or alternative metals. You can also expect a tungsten carbide ring to maintain its shine and luster long after you place it on your finger.

A Ring for every Occasion

Tungsten rings come in many varied designs, colours and finishes making them the perfect choice for all manner of occasion, from weddings, engagements and birthdays to spontaneous gifts of friendship or as a indication or sign of shared community and beliefs.

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L½, M½, N½, O½, P½, Q½, R½, S½, T½, U½, V½, W½, X½, Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5


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