Premium Quality Black Illuminated Jewellery Box

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Are you buying a ring as a gift? Is how you present the ring important to you? Do you want to protect your Custom Tungsten Ring when it’s not being worn? This high quality unique modern style LED illuminated jewellery box is perfect for presenting a ring as a gift or storing your tungsten ring for safety. The ring in the image is not included with the box.

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Unsure of your ring size?

Use the UK Finger Gauge to accurately measure your finger before you place an order.

Custom Tungsten Rings Finger Measure Home
Custom Tungsten Rings Finger Measure Worn
Custom Tungsten Rings Finger Measure Worn
Tungsten Strength

Tungsten is one of the hardest known metals on our planet, therefore making it virtually impossible to break or deform.

Unlike gold or silver it will not tarnish or scratch or bend out of shape, making a tungsten ring ideal for wearing whilst at work.

A Ring for every Occasion

With numerous colours, inlays and designs available we’re sure we have the perfect tungsten ring available for you.


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