Titanium Polished 6mm Black Domed Ring


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This a traditional style black 6mm wide titanium ring is highly polished and has a domed shape

Titanium is lightweight, which makes the ring comfortable and easy to wear. It is a strong and resistant metal and much less expensive than other ring materials, such as gold, silver or platinum, yet it is attractive enough for use as wedding, engagement, partnership jewellery or wear as a fashionable ring..

This Titanium ring is a comfort fit, therefore should you be looking for a snug comfortable ring that will certainly stand out then this is the ring for you.


  • This ring weighs: 5.4g
  • 6mm band width
  • Highly polished
  • Domed effect shape

Among other things, titanium jewellery is Hypoallergenic and guaranteed to be safe to wear, even for people who are susceptible to allergic contact dermatitis.

Titanium Strength

Titanium Carbide is highly durable and is as strong as high strength steel but 40% lighter than steel. so that the ring will not scuff as easily as gold, silver or steel jewellery. Naturally as a result of this many of our customers love our range of titanium rings.

A Strong and Affordable Fashion Accessory

Titanium rings are typically priced lower than the heavier Tungsten Carbide rings in our collection but they are still made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship.

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