Tungsten 8mm Black Ring Brushed Finish Purple Lining Polished Bevel Edges Wedding Engagement Gift


Make a fashion statement with this Tungsten brushed black Ring. Its polished bevel edges add definition to the design and the purple lining compliments the black.

Available in 15 sizes. Our Tungsten rings are ‘Made to Order’ so can take approximately 3 weeks to deliver to the UK. International shipping will take a little longer depending on country location. Please take this into consideration when buying rings for special occasions.


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Stylish brushed black ring with a purple inside lining and polished bevelled edges.

This ring is finely finished using state-of-the-art grinding and polishing technology. A stylish, modern design that will compliment your formal or casual outfits for any occasion. The body of the ring is coated with multiple plating giving it excellent corrosion and wear resistance. A stunning ring for your jewellery collection because owning one ring should never be enough. Complete your style – Wear Tungsten.

Tungsten Ring Specifications

• Width: 8mm.
• Item Type: Ring. Wedding Band.
• Finish: Black Brushed Metal.
• Metals Type: Tungsten Carbide.
• Shape/Pattern: Dome.
• Style: Trendy, Fashion, Formal, Casual.

About Tungsten

• Tungsten is 10 times harder than gold.
• 5 times harder than stainless steel.
• 4 times harder than titanium.

Tungsten Carbide is the hardest metal known to man. It’s an extremely durable metal but it is not indestructible. Tungsten has a very high tensile strength (the resistance of a material to breaking under tension) however; tungsten will shatter under impact or it could crack if dropped onto a hard surface.

Other interesting Tungsten facts:

• Tungsten is very hard to scratch.
• Does not bend out of shape.
• Does not tarnish or rust.
• Electroplated coloured tungsten can fade or scratch with abnormal use.
• Tungsten is hypoallergenic.

Looking After Your Tungsten Jewellery

It is a complete fallacy to state that tungsten never scratches or can never be broken. Tungsten is like any other metal used for making jewellery, in that; if treated with care and looked after, it will last a lifetime.

We recommend that you remove any tungsten rings when washing your hands or the dishes (avoid detergents), especially if the ring is electroplated with a colour like gold or black. Remove tungsten jewellery if washing in a bath or shower.

We strongly recommend that tungsten jewellery items be removed if you are doing hard manual labour. Non-coated tungsten will stand up to abuse far better than coated coloured tungsten but at the end of the day, it is up to you to protect something you care about by removing it from situations where damage is likely to occur.

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