What are the Pros and Cons of Tungsten Rings? It’s clear that Tungsten rings are now considered to be modern and stylish and as a result, they are becoming the first choice for men as a wedding or engagement ring.

Tungsten rings are also being worn as an accessory due to the variety of colours and patterns that are available, coupled with the very reasonable cost. Here are what we feel are the most important Pros and Cons of Tungsten Rings.

Pros of a Tungsten Ring

Gloss Shine Effect

Tungsten rings can come with a beautiful gloss shine effect finish. As Tungsten rings do not tarnish or fade, the gloss shine effect will always remain for the life of the ring.


There is only one other material on the planet that is tougher than Tungsten and that is the Diamond. Tungsten is made from equal amounts of Tungsten and Carbon atoms resulting in an extremely tough and hard wearing ring, as a result, a Tungsten will not misshapen.

Scratch Resistant

Due to the strength of the Tungsten ring, it is extremely hard to scratch therefore the Tungsten ring will always look brand new.


Traditional rings are made of either Gold, Silver or Platinum, due to the nature of these materials they are relatively limited to styling and difficult to customise.

Tungsten rings, however; can be made in different styles colours and inlays making them not just a wedding or engagement ring but also a ring to wear as a fashion accessory.

Laser Engraving

Tungsten rings can easily be laser engraved, so names and dates etc. can be engraved on the inside to personalise a tungsten ring. They can also be engraved on the face of the ring with logos and characters.

Cons of Tungsten Rings

There are very few cons to a Tungsten ring, however here they are:


The main disadvantage of a Tungsten ring is that it cannot be resized, so if your finger size changes you will not be able to resize your Tungsten ring.


Tungsten is a lot heavier than traditional metals such as Gold and Silver, so you do feel the weight, however; although this may be seen as a con a lot of Tungsten ring wearers do like this.


If the Tungsten ring needs to be removed in an emergency they cannot be cut off like a gold or silver ring, they do need a special tool to shatter it. Most A&E departments will have this tool available.

About Tungsten Rings

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