Myself and my business partner, Andy have watched the popularity of ‘tungsten’ metal finger fashion sky rocket over the last 5 years. So much so, that we built a website dedicated to providing tungsten rings to the UK market.

Due mainly to budgetary constraints, tungsten carbide rings have become the affordable go-to alternative to more expensive Gold, Platinum or Silver bands. Moreover, an increasing number of gold, platinum and silver ring owners are purchasing tungsten carbide ‘backups’ as a way of protecting the worth of their original investment.

We all have our reasons for considering tungsten but let’s face it, cool is cool, no matter what material a ring is made from. I just can’t get enough of the stuff.

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Here today, gone tomorrow!

I proposed to my wife, Julie, 16 years ago by placing a gold band on her finger. In return, Julie placed one on my finger too! Happy days! I hadn’t blown my savings on two gold rings for nothing.

Two months later I took Julie to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. I had to wash my hands so I removed my engagement ring and placed it next to the sink. Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw my engagement ring. We didn’t purchase a replacement ring, but instead; we decided to saved our money so that we could buy our wedding rings.

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Watery misadventure equals a ring lost to the sea.

Allow me to jump ahead to the third day of our honeymoon. Now picture this, a lanky sunburned tourist astride a bright yellow banana boat on tropical Bali waters. I might have stood a chance if I were a professional bronc rider, sadly for me, I wasn’t so after being flung into the water on the first turn, I immediately felt my 22 carat gold wedding ring slipping from finger. In addition, it seemed to take an age to ‘float’ back to the surface and all I could think about was “what am I going to tell my wife?” What’s more, it didn’t help that I was on strike six, if you include the amount of times I had lost my wallet. In my defense, I’m the most absent-minded member of my family, however that’s a pitiful excuse for why I always lose things.

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Allow me to introduce you to tungsten carbide

Thankfully, Julie came to my rescue by finding a fitting replacement for my wedding ring. Regrettably, her words of disdain still ring in my ears to this day. “It’s painfully obvious that you can’t take care of items of value so don’t waste more money buying a gold ring that you will more than likely lose the next day!” she scalded. “Wear this!” she added softly, while placing a gold ring on my finger.

“What is it?” I returned, somewhat surprised while closely studying the stunning ring. It reflected light like a mirror and the colour seemed to glow much brighter than my previous band. Another noticeable fact was its undeniable weight which was similar, if not the same as my lost gold ring.

“It’s a tungsten carbide ring.” she confided, while a smug smile widened across her face.

“I’ve never heard of it!” I replied. “It’s made really well. Feels ‘qua-lit-ee’, know what I mean? How much did it cost?”

“A lot less than the gold ring – thank God!” she snapped.

“This ring is amazing, babe! I love it!” I replied thankfully in an attempt at winning an ounce of her forgiveness that I clearly didn’t deserve.

So why do I love to wear tungsten carbide rings?

The gold coloured tungsten carbide ring that my wife bought for me was amazing because it looked like gold and felt heavy like gold. In my opinion, heavy rings feel expensive even when they are not. As a comparison, titanium rings feel light and fragile. However, tungsten carbide rings feel tough and built to last.

In terms of design, tungsten carbide rings come in all sorts of varied options. As a result, there are myriad styles to please everyone. Some of my favourites include Mother of Pearl and Abalone which is known for its colorful “pearlescent” inside shell. Quite simply, they are absolutely beautiful.

By the way, tungsten carbide is really hard to scratch, so if you’re like me and enjoy outdoor pursuits, climbing mountains, camping in hostile environments, sifting through silt on the sea bed in search of lost treasure, etc. then consider investing in a tungsten ring if you prefer to wear your finger jewellery while being a man of action.

The care and attention that goes into some of these rings is undeniable. They feel comfortable to wear and look great on the finger. I have grown to love tungsten as a highly creative, highly affordable alternative to precious metals. Tungsten rings are perfect for people who are on a budget. You will definitely get a great deal of enviable beauty for a small outlay.

I have been wearing the ring that Julie bought me for more than 14 years now and it’s still in the same immaculate condition as the day I received it, in comparison, gold and silver rings have scratched, misshapen and dulled over the years but my tungsten carbide ring remains perfect.

Are tungsten carbide rings over priced?

The average UK price for a high quality tungsten ring is approximately £45. However, I have seen them advertised much cheaper but I tend to stay clear of those, having learnt the hard way that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Unfortunately, manufacturing experience and due diligence differs widely among the Chinese ring makers. As a result, the market becomes flooded with substandard products sold at worryingly low prices.

There are three main factors to bare in mind when thinking about the average UK consumer price for a top quality tungsten ring. Firstly, consider the workmanship that goes into designing and creating a high quality tungsten carbide ring. Secondly, understand that there are no jewellers in the UK or Europe that manufacture tungsten carbide rings. Thirdly, factor in the shipping costs from the only country that manufactures tungsten rings, namely China. These three factors alone make a £45 average price tag nothing less than ‘awesome value for your money’.

Three of my favourite rings

Here are three of my personal favourite tungsten carbide rings that are available from our website and I invite you to take a look around and let me know which rings take your fancy so please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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